The Mobility Project brings together a diverse group of researchers. Their combined efforts span a continuous spectrum that begins at the level of the molecule and extends to the level of the community. Click on any researcher to learn more about their current research pursuits and academic background. See the connectome below which shows the relationships between the AMAP collaborators.

Angelo Iulianella neural and spinal cord development
James Fawcett neuron & synapse development, spinal cord control of movement
Ying Zhang electrophysiological properties of neurons
Victor Rafuse stem cell therapies for movement disorders
Turgay Akay neural networks and control of locomotion
Jason McDougall understanding and treating arthritis pain
David Westwood visual attention and control of arm movements
Sean Christie spinal surgery
Adrienne Weeks brain surgery
Janie Astephen Wilson gait and neuromuscular activation in knee osteoarthritis
Colleen O'Connell managing pain and spasticity for improved function
Christine Short managing pain and spasticity for improved function
Shaun Boe optimizing results of motor deficit treatments
Jeremy Brown pioneering new neurosurgery devices
John Frampton engineering neural tissues


AMAP Researchers: Collaborations